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For over a decade, Christopher has worked with hundreds of families in intensive family therapy, helping them understand how to love each other right, communicate in healthy ways, and develop greater intimacy. In 2018, his intensive family therapy program, Healing the Family, was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Issues in Law & Medicine, and shortly after, Christopher quickly became internationally recognized for this evidence-based family systems therapeutic approach ( Healing the Family is an innovative approach to family systems therapy, specifically designed for families wishing to connect deeper in emotionally healthy relationships. Healing the Family focuses on restoring the bonds and connection between parents, children, and siblings in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. An upcoming book, training manual, and certification program, Healing the Family, has helped many families experience more extraordinary love, connection, and intimacy.

Christopher has also authored several other books, including The War on Psychotherapy (IHF, 2019), The Meaning of Sex: A New Christian Ethos (Christian Faith Publishing, 2018), Acception: Bullying Prevention and Solutions (Acception Productions, 2013), and Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut (the Institute for Youth Development, 2008), now in its second edition. He is also a former associate editor of the scientific peer-reviewed journal Adolescent & Family Health. In these capacities, Christopher has spoken and given keynote addresses to the American Physicians and Surgeons Conference, American College of Pediatricians, National HIV Prevention Conference, International Foundation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice, Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity, North American Christians in Social Work Conference, Converge Pastors Conference, Catholic Association of Latino Leaders, and many more.

Christopher is a widely-published author whose articles can be seen in Issues in Law & Medicine and the Journal of Human Sexuality, as well as many print and online outlets, including Townhall, World Net Daily, and The Christian Post. Hundreds of media outlets have interviewed him. He has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows, including The Dr. Oz. Show, Fox News Radio, National Public Radio, American Family Radio, and the Christian Broadcasting Network. His work has been featured in USA Today, CNN, Associated Press, ABC/Fusion, NBC News, AOL, BuzzFeed, Washington Post, World Magazine, Atlantic Magazine, National Catholic Register, and many more.

Over the last fifteen years, Christopher has created several experiential healing seminars and therapeutic retreats, including:

Along with these healing seminars and retreats, Christopher also teaches online parenting classes for families across the world as a part of the educational work of the Institute for Healthy Families. In this capacity, he works with families to help them:

Christopher earned his master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History from Grove City College.

His dedication to family connections also extends into his personal life, reinforcing his commitment to helping families grow. When he steps away from his professional duties, Christopher loves to cycle and explore the scenic Blue Ridge mountains in western Loudoun County, Virginia, with his five children.




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